Lecture Series

The Team Approach to Increasing Case Acceptance

Does the dentists clinical knowledge determine the success of a dental practice, or is success more closely related to the dental teams ability to deliver care in every patient contact to assure the highest level of case acceptance?

This program will address the office systems that must be in place to deliver the treatment options that patients may want beyond the “needs” based treatment they have received up to this point. These systems include: 1) The Examination-the emotional exam and the ‘own your disease’ clinical exam, 2) The Office Commitment to Change- everyone on the dental team must have the clinical and verbal skills to discuss treatment options after the dentist derived treatment plan has been presented, and 3) The Systems – from the first contact with the dental office to treatment completion, systems are required for thoroughness and high level patient satisfaction. Completion of this program will assist the dental office team with contemporary dental skills to develop the systems necessary for “want” based dentistry.
This program can be scheduled for a 1/2 or full day presentation with doctors and staff.

The Emotional Examination- “The Key to Really Knowing Your Patients”

How do you know which patients will accept an implant supported prosthetic treatment plan or an esthetic treatment proposal?

Traditional dental education is designed to make the dentist aware of “the facts of the case”, but with so many options available in contemporary treatment plans, information beyond merely factual data is essential to get high end case acceptance. Research has shown that decisions related to high end dentistry requires the patient to have an emotional connection to the desired outcome in treatment. This emotional connection must be developed at the onset, and The Emotional Examination is just the beginning.
This program is a two hour presentation for doctors only.

The People Side of Dentistry

When dental teams learn advanced treatment techniques, are they trained in the people skills required to support these contemporary treatment methods?

Research has shown that successful organizations and businesses achieve the highest levels of success utilizing 15% technical skills ad 85% people skills. The dental profession has always prided itself for having the “people skills” to get apprehensive patients through their dental appointment, but a different set of people skills are required for advanced, “want based” dentistry. This program will address the “people skills” required to achieve the highest levels of success with the technologies the dental profession can now offer.
This program can be scheduled for 2-4 hours with both doctors and staff. This can be a follow-up to “The Team Approach to Increasing Case Acceptance”

Thriving in an Uncertain Economy

Changes in the local or regional economy can cause emotional repercussions in patients, dentists and the entire dental team. This emotional overlay can cause dentists and their entire team to become quite conservative in their willingness to thoroughly diagnose and treatment plan their patients out of fear the patient may say “No”. The need for quality dental care does not change with the weather, the seasons of the year or the economy. The clinical parameters of oral health and the risk assessment of each patient will be discussed, with systems being presented to get patients to request comprehensive care. This program will demonstrate “sure to work” strategies to get the treatment that is your file cabinets into your schedule.
This program can be scheduled for 2-4 hours and is for doctors and entire office teams