Bridging Clinical Skills and Practice Success

Success by any definition has many components that allow the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts. Success in Dentistry is certainly no exception. Excellent clinical skills do not alone assure the successful treatment of patients or a successful dental practice.

The dental profession has made remarkable strides in techniques and technology, increasing our ability to offer patients treatment options that not only improve their dental health, but offer improvements in self esteem and the quality of life. Many practitioners avail themselves to these technologies, but are frustrated with implementing these techniques into their practices citing patient acceptance issues, staff resistance, and cost. Other practices thrive because of these techniques and technologies.

Research has shown that successful organizations and businesses achieve the highest levels of success utilizing 15% technical skills and 85% people skills. The dental profession has always prided itself for having the ‘people skills’ to get apprehensive patients through their dental appointment, but a different set of people skills are required for advanced, “want based” dentistry. These programs will address the people skills required to achieve the highest levels of success with the technologies the dental profession can now offer, people skills in relationships with patients, staff, referring doctors, hiring new staff and with dental labs and dental supply representatives.